Use NETFILE to send your return directly to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) over the Internet.

Income tax preparation software companies must seek NETFILE certification from the Canada Revenue Agency (the "CRA") for tax preparation software products to be used in conjunction with CRA's NETFILE electronic tax filing service. For the 2019 taxation year, NETFILE certification of GenuTax Standard from the CRA has been obtained.

For the 2020 taxation year, NETFILE Certification of GenuTax Standard from the CRA has not been obtained at this time. Please consult the CRA website or beginning February 2021 to determine GenuTax Standard's certification status.

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Free to Use

GenuTax Standard software is completely free, and annual tax updates for future years are free as well.

However, donations toward the cost of providing the software are welcomed and appreciated. Your donations help to ensure that we can continue to provide updates to GenuTax Standard in future years.



In addition to filing your tax return for 2019, you can also file tax returns for any year from 2003 through 2018.

The software update for GenuTax Standard that includes the ability to prepare tax returns for 2020 is scheduled to be available for download by February 22, 2021.

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Step-by-step interview

A simple, easy-to-understand interview that takes you through your tax situation for each year, assisting you in claiming every tax deduction and credit that you are entitled to.

Up to 20 tax returns

You may prepare tax returns for up to 20 different individuals for each tax return year, without any income level limitations.

Tax situations

Handles most tax situations, including capital gains, rental properties, and small business.